Probate Court
Melissa Dykman
1092 Newell Street, PO Box 885
White Cloud, MI 49349

M-F 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm

Phone: (231) 689-7270 Fax: (231) 689-7276

Newaygo County Probate Court

Probate Court exercises jurisdiction over the probating of wills and of the administration of estates of deceased persons, guardianships and conservatorships for minors and incapacitated individuals, guardianships for developmentally disabled individuals and commitments for hospital care of mentally ill persons. The Probate Court also handles matters that include protective orders and civil actions in which one of the parties is usually a trust, estate, or fiduciary.



The mission of the Newaygo County Probate Court is to provide a forum to administer justice, a staff that is professional, knowledgeable and able to provide courteous and effective service.

Please find docket information for Circuit and Probate Courts at the link below and search by date:

Public hearings will be livestreamed while court is in session.  Watch Newaygo County Probate Court’s sessions live at:

To see resources on how you can self-represent click on this link: Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

Michigan Legal Help

Michigan Legal Help is an online tool designed to assist people who are handling their legal issues without the help of an attorney. The website does not give legal advice and does not cover all areas of law. It does offer many do-it-yourself tools to help you create court forms and understand legal processes.

Visit Michigan Legal Help online.


Language Access Plan

If English is not your main language and you can't speak or understand English, you can ask the Probate Court to provide an interpreter by filling out this Request and Order for Interpreter form and mailing or delivering it in person to the Probate Court.

You can also use the do-it-yourself toolkit available at Michigan Legal Help to create a completed form. You may also visit the Request a Court Interpreter information available on the One Court of Justice website.


Access and Accommodation (ADA)

The Newaygo County Probate Court seeks to ensure qualified individuals with disabilities have full and equal access to the judicial system in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

To make a request, complete this ADA Request form.

The Probate Court is committed to upholding the dignity of litigants, bystanders, and visitors. Please visit these ADA Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Or, if you have made a request that was denied or have other questions related to ADA, please contact the Probate Court and ask to speak to the ADA Coordinator.