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On June 1, 2020, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-110 moving the State as a whole into Phase Four of the MI Safe Start Plan. Newaygo County will be moving forward with opening County Governmental Facilities to the general public on Monday, June 8, 2020 under the following guidelines:

  • When possible, please continue to do business with County departments via phone, mail, or electronically.
  • The number of public visitors to any building or indoor public area will be limited to no more than 10.
  • Public visitors needing to conduct in-person business via a Department’s front window must maintain six (6) feet from others at all times. Marks separating visitors by six (6) feet are placed on the floor in front of all County Department reception areas.
  • Public visitors over 2 years of age are required, if medically able, to wear a face covering while inside county buildings.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter work offices and non-public spaces unless they are deemed essential by the department to address an issue related to critical infrastructure. Should it be necessary for a visitor to enter a work office or non-public space, they should make an appointment when possible, must complete a Visitor Health Screening questionnaire, and sign a visitor log. Any visitor presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 or answers yes to any of the screening questions will not be allowed into the non-public space.
  • The County and individual departments have the right to ask a member of the public to leave the premises if they are not following guidelines or appear sick.
  • To see all the information pertaining to Local Governmental Services in Newaygo County, please click on the following link: Press Release for Governmental Services updated on 6/4/2020


COVID-19 Local Public Information

To review the updated version as of 10/14/2020 of the Newaygo County COVID-19 Prepareness and Response Plan please click on the link: COVID-19 Prepare and Response Plan

For all Newaygo County Local information on COVID-19 and information pertaining to local response actions, please click on the following link

To register to receive free text and email alerts from Newaygo County Emergency Services please text NewaygoES to 888777 or click here


Daily Update of the COVID-19 in Newaygo County: 


To see Updated information as of November 20th, 2020 about Newaygo County Court please visit these two links:

To see the guidelines for Newaygo County Courthouse Phase 1 as of November 20th, 2020 please visit this link:

About Newaygo County

Newaygo County was named after Chippewa Indian Chief: Naw-wa-goo, one of the signers of the Treaty of Saginaw in 1812. The county has over 230 natural lakes and over 350 miles of rivers and streams. Three huge dams were built after the turn of the century: Croton, Hardy and Newaygo. Croton and Hardy Dams remain today, with Hardy the largest earthen dam east of the Mississippi.


Today Newaygo County relies on tourism as its main economic support, with agriculture and small manufacturing secondary. The Muskegon River continues to be the main attraction for summer cottage residents and fishermen, who find it nearly the best source for steelhead in the spring and salmon in the fall anywhere in Michigan. Hunting, camping and RV’ing are also excellent, as over half the county is contained in the Manistee National Forest.



If you did not know that the Drain Commission did recycling and where all there locations were at here is how to find there page. 

  • When you first come to the website along the top there will be a tab called Departments and under that there will be a tab called Public Offices
  • From there you will see a tab called Drain Commission
  • Once you are in the Drain Commission page along the right-hand side there will be a menu bar and the Recycling tab will be at the bottom.  If you click on the Recycling tab it will tell you all about their recycling program and where all there locations are located and their hours.

 When you recycle it helps reduce trash and make the world a better place.

Newaygo County Emergency Services

The Newaygo County Hazard Management Plan is a multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan developed pursuant to the criteria contained in 44CFR Part 201, as authorized by the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. This plan is required in order to maintain eligibility to seek federal funding under the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Program.  The existing Newaygo County Hazard Management Plan expired August 2020.  Newaygo County has received a grant under the FY 2018 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program in order revise and reauthorize the plan.

A draft Newaygo County Hazard Management Plan 2020 Edition has been prepared by Newaygo County Emergency Services.  The Community Profile portion of this document was reviewed by the Local Emergency Planning Team on October 15, 2019.  The Hazard Analysis portion of this document was reviewed by the Local Emergency Planning Team over three meetings held on December 17, 2019, January 21, 2020, and February 18, 2020. The Hazards Profile and Evaluations Annex B portion of this document was reviewed by the Local emergency Planning Team on August 18, 2020. The Hazard Mitigation portion of this document was reviewed by the Local Emergency Planning Team on September 15, 2020.

In order to meet FEMA requirements for Hazard Mitigation Planning, Newaygo County has posted the draft Newaygo County Hazard Management Plan 2020 Edition for review and comment (Newaygo County Hazard Management Plan 2020-2025). Newaygo County is Newaygo County is requesting the public's assistance with reviewing Hazard Management Plan. Please take a few moments to review the plan and provide additions, corrections, and updates to this document. You may provide your input through use of the following survey: Newaygo County Hazard Management Survey or directly contacting Emergency Services Deputy Director Renee Gavin at (231) 689-7354 or email

Thank you for your time and contribution to this update of the Newaygo County Hazard Management Plan! 

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