Register of Deeds
Stewart K. Sanders
1087 Newell St, P.O. Box 885
White Cloud, MI 49349

M-F, 8 AM - 5 PM

Phone: (231) 689-7246 Fax: (231) 689-7271

Register of Deeds Office

The Register of Deeds office maintains an index and copy of all recorded documents pertaining to real property located within the county. Financing statements (U.C.C.'s) are filed with the State of Michigan. The Register of Deeds also serves as chairman of the County Plat Board which reviews and approves all new subdivisions and plats within the county.


All records in the Register of Deeds office are in a grantor/grantee indexing system. 1850-1988 indexes are in book form and 1965-present have been digitized. We are presently digitizing 1964 and back. Recordings may be done in person or by mail with sufficient fees. All recordings and copy requests must be accompanied by self-addressed stamped envelopes. Copies of documents may also be obtained in person or by mail by submitting the appropriate fees and document information.

County Plat Board

The County Plat Board is created by State law and is comprised of the Register of Deeds, County Clerk and County Treasurer who serve as Chairman, Clerk and Member respectively.  The Board is responsible for the examination and approval or disapproval of all proposed plats (or subdivisions) in the County.